A Look At Portable Household Air Conditioners

Many people are looking for effective solutions to cool off in their homes during the summer. One of the major considerations is that the product should be cost-efficient, which central air conditioners are not able to provide to a large degree. Today, there are now a number of air conditioning units that are both efficient and more on the practical side; these are called portable household air conditioners. Here’s a closer look at what they can do for your home, and your wallet.

Portable household air conditioners are encased in sleek cabinets and are wheeled for easy room to room transfers. They average about 28-34 inches in height. The fans found in the units have more than one speed (usually 3 speeds) and also have digital thermostats or timers providing quicker control. These portable air conditioning units have more cooling power than the air coolers but, the user should always make sure that the exhaust tube is used properly, or else the room won’t be cool enough. The heat from the exhaust tube travels inwards instead of away from the house, making you warmer instead of cooler.

As compared to air coolers that have the mechanism of producing moisture, portable air conditioners can eliminate moisture, making them more suited to places with humid climates as compared to places with dry climates. That is why these air conditioners gather moisture in a tray which needs to be checked and then emptied from time to time. There are some units though having the feature of turning off by themselves as soon as the moisture in the tray is close to overflowing for leak prevention.

Once you are ready to purchase a portable household air conditioner, make sure that you have knowledge of the different models and have a talk with your dealer about your wants and needs to be able to get one that is most suited for you.

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