The Facts On Air Pac Portable Air Conditioners

A number of products designed for climate control are available on the market today. And home consumers are not the only ones targeted by the air conditioner manufacturers. Businesses, especially data centers are among the number one clients of these manufacturers. In fact, the biggest problem that data centers face concerns climate control. This is where the Air Pac Portable Air Conditioners come in. It is one of the most trusted air conditioners on the market with proven efficiency and quality.

The Air Pac portable air conditioner is manufactured by Adapt Inc. and they are designed as the solution for climate control problems. These units include a timer and a thermostat that is programmable with the option of using a remote control for easy temperature adjustments.

The said, air conditioning units are also made specifically for use as a back up during emergency cases as well as being the answer to primary and supplementary air conditioning concerns. Installation is extremely easy because of the inclusion of two parts that would mean no tools are needed during installation: a ceiling panel and a condenser air duct. The slim frame is made for doorways that are 32″ and smaller. There are four sizes to choose from in these air conditioning units: 3 ton, 5 ton, 8 ton, and 10 ton. You will want to measure the room and determine the exact size you will need for your particular case.

Air Pac portable air conditioners are not only good for homes, data centers, and businesses, but can also be used in events, parties, and programs needing a cooler atmosphere. These can also be used for concerts, even those which do not help inside enclosed areas. They can also be set-up in tents. These air conditioners are economical solutions to any climate control problems you may be faced with.