Tips On How To Use Portable Air Conditioner Units

Over the past few years, air conditioners have become a part of our everyday world. We wouldn’t consider buying a car without air conditioning or staying in a hotel without air conditioning so we certainly expect air conditioning in our homes. We consider it our right to be comfortable in our own house.

Most of us take for granted the fact that when the temperature begins to climb we will turn our air conditioner on. As the heat soars we simply adjust the thermostat to accommodate our needs. Although some homes use window air conditioners most use central air conditioning units.

Relatively new to the world of air conditioners are portable air conditioner units. These units have a lot to offer. Although in most cases they are used to supplement the cooling generated by a central air conditioner these portable units are strong enough to cool substantial areas alone.

Portable air conditioner units are freestanding units. The portable air conditioners are mounted on wheels and can easily be moved from one room to another. This is what gives the portable units their wow factor. No other type of air conditioner can come close to this versatility.

Because the units can be moved from room to room some users find that instead of purchasing two window units they can buy a single portable air conditioner and roll it around the home as needed. Although the portable air conditioners may be slighter higher priced than window units since a portable unit can replace the function of two window units they are cost savers. Since most of us enjoy saving money the portable air conditioners seem to be an ideal choice.

Just like other air conditioners, the portable air conditioners’ strength is based on BTU’s or British Thermal Units. This simply refers to the cooling capacity of the unit. The more BTU’s, the greater the amount of warm air it can displace. These units plug into standard electrical outlets – no special wiring or installation is needed.

The portable air conditioner units can be used in apartments, mobile homes and other places that window units typically do not fit or are not allowed. Because they set on the floor and not in the window many people prefer them to the window units that obstruct views and sometimes damage window frames or casings.

If your central air conditioner needs a boost to consider checking out portable air conditioner units. You’ll discover they have much to offer for a very small price.